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  • In my last guide I told you how to install your GitHub maintained WordPress themes and plugins with composer. Well what if I told you you could also use composer to install any Theme or Plugin from the WordPress repository? WordPress Packagist is a fantastic and free to use service that takes plugins and themes […]

  • In your client projects, do you keep installing the same theme or plugin that you have developed? Do you make a fix in one project that you really wish you could easily roll out to all the other projects? If so this guide is for you. Composer is a powerful tool that can be used […]

  • If you are wondering how to update_post_meta on the current post with Gutenberg, this is the article for you. You can just use editPost like so: The code above will update the post meta wholesomecode_meta_key_example with the value ‘Example’. Remember that you will need to register your meta key using the show_in_rest argument, like I […]

  • Looking for how to get the post thumbnail, or an attachment URL by its Id in WordPress gutenberg? You may have a returned post object by using the WordPress Gutenberg equivalent of WP_Query (or the WordPress Gutenberg equivalent of get_post). Note that in the post object you can get the featured media ID, which is […]

  • If you are new to writing plugins for the WordPress Block Editor (Gutenberg), you may be searching around for how to get the meta of the current post with get_post_meta. Never fear, you can still get_post_meta, just use getEditedPostAttribute(‘meta’) on the current post to get all the meta, like so: As long as you have […]

  • If you are new to writing plugins for the WordPress Block Editor (Gutenberg), you may be a little confused how to do all the things you did regularly, like grabbing posts with WP_Query. You will be very pleased to know that you can pretty much still do everything you used to do with WP_Query by […]

  • New to writing plugins for the WordPress Block Editor (Gutenberg)? you may be searching around for how to do a get_post to get a post by ID. You can still get a post with get_post, just use getEntityRecord and pass in the post type and ID. const post =‘core’).getEntityRecord(‘postType’,’post’, 42); getEntityRecord will return a […]

  • This is a super quick reference guide to agile project management. In this guide we cover the following two approaches: Agile Sprint Cycle Here is a diagram of how the Agile Sprint Cycle works. We will explore this below. Agile Sprint Cycle Sprint Kickoff Meeting For a more detailed overview of the sprint kickoff view […]

  • Debugging WordPress

    You have just pushed out an update to your WordPress site, but somethings gone wrong. Perhaps you have got the dreaded White Screen of Death, or some error is being outputted on the screen. Here are the steps you need to put things right again. Debugging WordPress Diagram Check the Error Log The WordPress server […]

  • Saving some data in WordPress, but not entirely sure where it should go? It is always good to have consistency when creating plugins, so I’ve made a handy little guide. Block Settings Diagram Network Setting (Multisite wide settings) For settings that impact several of your sites (and provided they are in a Multisite network), you […]