WordPress Plugins

All the latest plugins from Wholesome Code:


With Footnotes you can insert footnotes within your WordPress block content via the block format editor in the toolbar, and automatically list them in order with the Footnotes list block. 


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Network Plugin Manager

Network Plugin Manager, a handy little utility plugin that works on the WordPress network plugins screen. It will show you if a plugin is active for the network, or just on certain subsites. It also let’s you quickly turn the plugin on and off accross each site with a simple toggle. 

Network Plugin Manager.png

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Created for a series of tutorials, use the Highlighter plugin as a handy way to use highlight text within your posts using block formats (registerFormatType), or just fork it and turn it into something brand new.


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Block Comments

Wholesome Block Comments brings some wholesome editing features to the WordPress Block Editor (Gutenberg) such as the ability to add threaded comments to individual blocks, and to mark a block as draft, so that it does not appear on the front end.

Screenshot of block comments

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