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  • Responsive Web Design (RWD) is a service that comes as standard with all the products that I develop, and the method created by Dave Green is an excellent way to make sure that your background images adhere to the same responsive rules as your embedded images.  Responsive Images on any Website The following method focuses […]

  • There are some fantastic multilingual plugins for WordPress, however for one client project I needed something far more flexible, as this particular client needed to cater for several countries that each spoke several languages. In short the client needed to be able to have a multisite instance that had a country and language set as […]

  • If you have spent a long time working on your clients website, ensuring everything is in version control (such as git). Then you would be pretty gutted if your client edits a theme file, or adds a new plugin that lives outside of your version controlled workflow. Adding code that lives outside of a tightly controlled workflow means: […]

  • Clickjacking is a potential security risk caused by someone loading your website inside a frame on another website and making it appear as if the website is legitimate, however they will be hijacking interactions you make with that site, such as form submissions. For example if your website requires a user to login, the malicious […]

  • You may be aware that you can add conditional statements around your WordPress enqueued CSS styles (such as <!–[if gt IE 7]><link …/><![endif]–>) to load the script for certain versions of Internet Explorer. As handy as this is, it doesn’t cater for all situations. This tutorial will show you how you can expand WordPress to add any type […]

  • As any Information Governance expert will tell you, sharing usernames and passwords is bad! Fortunately we can boost your WordPress security with this tip. Although nothing is as good as educating your users as to why they shouldn’t be sharing their usernames and passwords, in WordPress we can certainly make it difficult for them to do […]

  • If you wasn’t aware, WordPress auto-generates its own robots.txt file, and that there is a filter that you can hook into to allow you to add your own rules to the file. The filter in question is robots_txt filter. Using this information I hand crafted this handy little snippet: So there you go, a short, but handy little blog […]

  • The Bike-Shed Effect

    Bikeshedding: Placing too much importance on trivial things. Today I found a blog post from a former Local Government colleague of mine, all about “bikeshedding”, or the Parkinson’s Law of Triviality to give it its official name. Bikeshedding is a term to explain the phenomenon of focus being placed on a trivial part of an overall solution, while ignoring […]

  • This blog post details my first experience of contributing to WordPress Core, and hopefully it will provide a little help for any other budding contributors. Where to Start The website has a fantastic section for contributors, the section I was looking for in particular was the Make WordPress Core area of the website. It was here that […]

  • A couple of weeks ago I learned all about Customer Development, by attending another fantastic Founders Network event. Once again, superbly put together by Tech North. The event was delivered by co-founders of Lyst; Rob Fitzpatrick and Devin Hunt, and Rob kindly gave us a signed copy of his wonderful book ‘The Mom Test‘, which gives some wonderful insight into assessing what […]