How to add items to robots.txt with WordPress


If you wasn’t aware, WordPress auto-generates its own robots.txt file, and that there is a filter that you can hook into to allow you to add your own rules to the file.

The filter in question is robots_txt filter. Using this information I hand crafted this handy little snippet:

 * Filter function used to disallow pdfs from robots.txt
 * @param    string  $output     The output of the robots.txt file
 * @return   string  $public     If the site is public facing
function disallow_pdf_index( $output, $public ) {

    if ( '1' === $public ) {
        $output .= "Disallow: *.pdfn";
    return $output;
add_filter( 'robots_txt', 'disallow_pdf_index', 0, 2 );

So there you go, a short, but handy little blog post detailing how you too can add entries to your robots.txt file programatically using WordPress.