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  • Daily Standup (Scrum)

    The daily standup, sometimes called the ‘daily scrum’ meeting is an important staple in the Agile Project Managers day. An Agile Project Manager in this context may also be called the ‘Scrum Master’. This article covers a variation of the daily standup which I have honed over time, and have found to be a successful […]

  • Do you want to import an existing website into WordPress? Does that existing site provide an RSS feed? Then this is the article for you. The great news is WordPress has a default importer for RSS. Simply go to Tools > Import via your WordPress dashboard. If you haven’t already you will need to install […]

  • In my last article I talked about patching older versions of React to work in a modern environment. In this article I go one further and give a step by step guide to upgrading a classic React component to a modern one, by switching out the React.createClass way of doing things to the modern and […]

  • If you are building WordPress Gutenberg Blocks (or even if you are not) you may be trying to get a third party React Component working in your build. But if it’s an older element, specifically one that uses the deprecated React.createClass method, you may get stuck. The files that accompany this tutorial are in the […]

  • Recently I was working on a WordPress Multisite instance, and I needed each site (multilingual in this instance) to have their own unique dynamically generated sitemap. I generated these sitemaps by creating virtual files within WordPress. This article shows you how to create a virtual file, and then how to ensure that that virtual file […]

  • Plugin deprecated Please note that this plugin has now been deprecated. The guide is left here to show the features that I developed during my early exploration into the WordPress block editor (Gutenberg) development. There are many plugins in the WordPress repository that recreate the functionality of this plugin, most do it better. Secure your […]

  • So, you’ve created a WordPress Multisite installation, and you come to add your users. Simple right?  Wrong! Multisite introduces additional authentication steps, whereby a user needs to activate their account by clicking a link that has been sent to them. A handy step for things such as self registration, however sometimes it does get in […]

  • A question I sometimes get asked is can you dynamically set the name of a variable in PHP. For example someone may have a loop, and they want the variables in that loop to have unique names. The answer is, yes this can be done! I’ll tell you how, but I’ll also tell you that […]

  • I am a remote worker. This means that I, and the majority of the people I work with also work remotely. This may be from their home, from a shared workspace, from a cafe or even in the middle of a field if they choose to. When you work remotely you have one obvious disadvantage. […]

  • There are lots and lots of social media channels out there, and people use each of them in different ways. If you tried to post to all the social networks without automating everything, you wouldn’t have time left in the day to do much else. Social media automation is bad. I’ve been guilty of it […]