get_post WordPress Block Editor (Gutenberg) Equivalent is getEntityRecord


New to writing plugins for the WordPress Block Editor (Gutenberg)? you may be searching around for how to do a get_post to get a post by ID.

You can still get a post with get_post, just use getEntityRecord and pass in the post type and ID.

const post =‘core’).getEntityRecord(‘postType’,’post’, 42);

getEntityRecord will return a single post object of the post you are querying. Read more about the JavaScript Post Object in the WP_Query equivalent article.

The post object you just returned also contains all of the meta for the post object, so you can also use this method as the equivalent of get_post_meta in Gutenberg.

Try it in the Console

Log into your site, and use the wp object in the console whilst editing a post to try it for yourself.

You will get a JSON object of the post to work with.'core').getEntityRecord('postType','post', 42);
    id: 42
    date: "2020-03-21T14:02:00"
    date_gmt: "2020-03-21T14:02:00"
    guid: {
        rendered: ""
        raw: ""
    modified: "2020-03-21T14:02:00"
    modified_gmt: "2020-03-21T14:02:00"
    password: ""
    slug: "wp-query-and-the-wordpress-block-editor-gutenberg"
    status: "draft"
    type: "post"
    link: ""
    title: {
        raw: "WP_Query and the WordPress Block Editor (Gutenberg)"
        rendered: "WP_Query and the WordPress Block Editor (Gutenberg)"
    content: {
        raw: "Content goes here."   
        rendered: "

Content goes here.

↵" protected: false block_version: 0 } excerpt: { raw: "" rendered: "

Content goes here.

↵" protected: false } author: 1 featured_media: 101 comment_status: "open" ping_status: "open" sticky: false template: "" format: "standard" meta: { _wcltd_meta_example_1: "1" _wcltd_meta_example_2: "Hello" } categories: [1] tags: [] country: [] region: [] city: [] permalink_template: "" generated_slug: "wp-query-and-the-wordpress-block-editor-gutenberg" }